The time is NOW to finally take control of your health! Instead of trying to “figure it out” on your own or join a challenge group…mine included…where you’re one in a group of many and you require more consistent support and direction to succeed enter, ASCEND, my high level 1:1 private health coaching program.

Why is my program named ASCEND? Simple: we RISE, CLIMB and SOAR together! This is not just another health and fitness program it is a WELLNESS program where we will conquer your doubts, fears, confidence, unhealthy eating habits and fitness proficiency together in great detail.

The ASCEND program is based on the following six (6) pillars:

A=action: You will take daily ACTION to reach your health and fitness goals.

S= synchronized: You will feel SYNCHRONIZED as you learn how to love and nurture your mind, body and soul.

C=confidence: You will gain the CONFIDENCE required to conquer your limiting beliefs to enable you to succeed both mentally and physically.

E=energy: You will feel great and have a LOT more ENERGY by eating right and working out.

N=nourishment: You will provide your body with the NOURISHMENT it needs from the inside out to give it the essential nutrients it requires to function properly.

D=disciplined: You will become DISCIPLINED by eating properly portioned meals and by following a prescribed fitness plan.  

At the end of this program you will no longer be struggling to reach your health and fitness goals, nor the inability to sustain your results.

This program is designed specifically for women who desire to:

  • own it and take control of their health;
  • are ready to change their mindset;
  • show up, commit and do the work;
  • understand that quick fixes are not the answer; and
  • are willing to invest in themselves mentally, physically and financially to reach their health and fitness goals.

The ASCEND program is customized to where you are now in your health and fitness journey. It’s a four (4) month partnership program to give you the tools, strategies, unequivocal support, direction and sustainable results necessary to achieve the health and fitness goals you desire.

One component of the ASCEND program that I believe is the foundation of success and what distinguishes this program from others is the emphasis on MINDSET. During our time together I will show you how to transform your belief systems around your ability to change your thoughts, remove your limiting beliefs and instill new thoughts and habits to support your health and fitness goals.

When you join the ASCEND program you receive:

  • Ten 60-minute-deep-dive coaching sessions with me over four (4) months
  • Unlimited email support throughout the program
  • Brainstorming and empowering sessions to help you see things differently
  • Customized meal plans, recipes and shopping lists to help reduce the guess work of what foods to eat and buy
  • Access to eating plans and workout programs that are proven to get you results
  • I share with you everything I know about health, fitness, nutrition and mindset
  • A recommended book list {your choice of format…audio, electronic or paper} to help you shift your mindset
  • I share with you my health and fitness tools and strategies to get you sustainable results plus my tips and tricks
  • I show you how to get clear on the goals you desire…this is applicable far beyond health and fitness
  • Community, access to my FYL {Fit Your Life} Club, which is an ongoing private virtual motivational and accountability Facebook       group {an ASCEND secret Facebook group will be created if required}


$2000/ 4 payments of $500 {10% discount if paid in full}

Let’s connect first to ensure we’ll be a great fit. Either CLICK HERE to schedule a FREE 20-minute mini-session or complete this CONTACT FORM. Looking forward to our conversation!




If 1:1 is not your thing or you are not quite ready to join my ASCEND program, then the FYL Club may be just the catalyst of change you require to start achieving your health and fitness transformation today.

Every month I start a new health and fitness challenge for women in my FYL {Fit Your Life} Club. It is an ongoing private virtual motivational and accountability group where members participate, share and support one another during their health and fitness journey.  Once a member, you are welcome to stay a part of this community as long as you desire.

As a member of the FYL Club you get access to:

  • Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists
  • Health and fitness tools and strategies to develop new sustainable healthier habits
  • Tips and tricks
  • Motivational and informational posts
  • Mindset challenges
  • Me as your cheerleader and Accountability Coach
  • Daily check-ins from me
  • Community, daily interaction in a safe no judgement zone to share your struggles, fears, doubts and successes with me and other group members in my private Facebook group, the FYL Club
  • PRIZES…who doesn’t love FREE stuff!!!

The challenge pack you purchase to become a member of the FYL Club contains:

  • A 30-day supply of the daily dose of dense nutrition that I drink every day. This superfood helps you lose weight the healthy way, reduces junk food cravings and increases energy.
  • A workout program that is proven to get you sustainable results
  • A step-by-step program guide
  • A nutrition plan
  • A colour coded portion control container system so NO weighing of foods or guesstimating is necessary {not included with all programs}
  • A workout calendar
  • FREE access for 30 days to an on demand network to hundreds of workout programs online


A challenge pack is less expensive and more economical than a gym membership, you can workout according to YOUR SCHEDULE not theirs and you don’t have to leave your house to workout unless you chose to. WIN! WIN! WIN! 

Challenge packs are priced from US$140-$180 and CND$164-$210. 

If you would like to become a member of the FYL Club please complete this FORM and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

I have an intake process as it’s extremely important to me that every FYL Club member is truly committed and ready and willing to do the work required in the kitchen, on the floor and in their mind to ensure a SAFE, ENGAGING and THRIVING community.

Don’t hesitate and REGISTER NOW to become a member of the FYL Club...the most supportive virtual group to get healthy and fit both mentally and physically!


Become a coach + More of my story

Does living a life less ordinary and getting paid at the same time appeal to you? Want to take control of your financial future and become financially independent, pay off debts and work your own hours? If you say YES then apply here for an opportunity to become the newest member of my team.

At Fit Your Life we work TOGETHER, we train TOGETHER and we grow TOGETHER! This makes us stronger and better TOGETHER!  The FIT Your Life team is a collective of women who believe in helping ourselves and others live healthier and more fulfilling lives. We are a community of girl bosses who empower, share, support and motivate each another.

I am PASSIONATE about sharing my journey, transformation and the coaching opportunity with others! How can I not be? I help change lives…like mine…like YOURS! When you sign up as a coach you will be personally mentored and supported by me as your coach!

I share with you the knowledge that I’ve acquired setting up my own business, the processes and systems that I use, 1:1 support, my coach getting started training and everything you need to succeed. You will have the opportunity to change lives in a POSITIVE way…how cool is that?!?!?!  Plus, YOURS in the process…doubly cool…is that a thing???

You have the freedom to work from ANYWHERE and be part of a network that recognizes YOU for your accomplishments, determination and hard work…a network that encourages you to put your health and wellbeing first. You get to be YOU…how great is that!

You know if you stay on your current path nothing is ever going to change for the better. But if you chose a new route, your whole life could change…think of the possibilities. Instead of pushing paper at your 9 to 5 all day you can be building relationships with real people.

It can be scary…I’m not going to lie. For me it is a totally new way of life and more than that, this business took me WAY WAY WAY OUT of my comfort zone. But I knew that if I wanted things to change I had to change and do things differently so I WENT ALL IN!

Social media for me was reading other people’s posts, tweets, snaps, instas, pins, blogs, but now I’m the one posting, tweeting, snapping, instaing, pinning and blogging. Selfies for me other than being on vacation with my husband were basically noies…gesh I’m really making up a lot of words here…lol. I was the one either behind the camera, running away from the camera, hiding behind someone else, looking away from the camera…you get the picture…pun intended. Posing for the camera and sharing photos was like getting a tooth pulled…seriously! I won’t even mention the word video as that was nonexistent…I would rather bungee jump off a cliff than be in a video.

As a coach you can start part-time then go full-time, start full-time or always remain part-time, replace or more than replace a corporate salary…the choice and your future is up to you. This is truly your own business…THINK and DREAM BIGGGGG! There is NO glass ceiling simply unlimited income potential! However, you get out of it what you put into it so YOU NEED TO DO THE WORK and have PATIENCE as you start your new journey.

This opportunity is NOT a get rich quick scheme and it will take work in the beginning to build the foundation of your business. Let’s visualize for a moment. Think high rise building and how one floor is built upon another and another and another until the building is 50 stories high in the air. THIS is how your business will grow as well and why patience is so important. Another great aspect of this opportunity is that your success is NOT dependent upon my success.

If you’re a woman who…refuses to settle for anything less than an incredible life, is willing to lead by example and open others’ eyes to what is really possible, wants to say “damn, I live a totally amazing life” and wants to build a profitable business while wearing your pjs or yoga pants…I’d love for you to be the newest member of my team.

One last thing…let go of your hesitations…let go of your fears!  We all have them, it’s completely normal when you embark on a new journey especially something as life changing as this. Humour me for just another minute. Close your eyes and imagine your feelings when your first client tells you how YOU helped her change her life…that you HELPED her in a way she never knew possible…feel these feelings…OWN THESE FEELINGS! Now open your eyes. THIS is why you want to push through these fears of “will I be good at this or can I really do this?” and tell yourself “YES I WILL and YES I CAN.” Now fill out this application form and HIT SUBMIT…you’ve got this and I’ve got your back!

One last last thing…SHARING IS CARING! If you decide to pass on this opportunity, L then please share with women you think would make a great coach!

Don’t hesitate any longer and join our team today…remember we are stronger and better TOGETHER!