I serve you if you:

  • cycle through trendy diet after trendy diet hoping that it is the “ONE” and that this time it will stick.
  • need a workout program that is within your ability, without a huge time commitment and provides you with an easy to follow schedule.
  • are fed up with counting calories and fat grams. You want to prepare healthy and delicious meals without feeling confused on what you "should" be eating and "how much" to eat.
  • need a health program that gives you sustainable results and is easy to follow.
  • want your clothes to fit and feel confident in how you look in them, especially your dark denim skinny jeans. 
  • are mad at yourself for breaking the promise you just made a few hours earlier that this time will be different but you end up eating the whole bag of chips/popcorn, the whole container of ice cream, or the big chocolate bar in one sitting when you told yourself it would last at least three days.
  • want to feel good in your workout clothes and buy those cute tights but they don't sell them in your size
  • consider yourself to be a serial "dieter" and/or fitness quitter.
  • need to have more energy and strength to keep up with your children.
  • don’t believe your significant other when they tell you how pretty or sexy you are because you don’t see it…all you see is cellulite, a stomach that protrudes way too much, thighs that rub against one another or flabby arms.
  • are a mom desiring to get back to your pre-baby body.
  • want to hang out with your girlfriend's more but you have no cute party clothes to wear.
  • stay up at night wondering and even crying at times feeling dejected, angry, pissed off at yourself for not being able to lose all the weight you need and most importantly for not keeping the weight off.

This is exactly where I step in as I know precisely how it feels as I was this girl. I had some success but it never stuck as I always gained the weight back and then some. But no more!

I’m Julienne Hajdu Camel {my besties call me Julie} and I’m a Health and Empowerment Coach. My passion and purpose is to help women who struggle with their weight and need to lose 25 pounds or more achieve a fit mind and body with no gimmicks, deprivation or countless hours at the gym.

I’ve transformed myself mentally and physically by losing over 60 pounds and counting and as a result my ultimate mission is to empower you to step into your confidence to become healthy and comfortable in your own skin no matter your body shape. With a focus on mindset, I will share with you the essential tools and strategies you need to finally become successful.

I’ll challenge you to show up and be consistent with your eating and workouts; all I ask of you is to commit to yourself for the duration of your program.  

Let me help you uncover the best version of yourself! 

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I'm born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, where I live and play and enjoy the condo life with my husband Alfred and our golden-lab Drew {you'll see him in social media photos}. We enjoy biking outdoors, frequenting restaurants, working out together and watching football and basketball on TV. We also LOVE to travel and plan to move to Hawaii...the beautiful Island of the next 5 to 10 years. I've also lived in Toronto {TO} for several years where I obtained my BCOM at Ryerson University. Not gonna lie I do miss living in TO at times. Currently, the majority of my time and focus is on growing my business, continuing my health and wellness journey and guiding/supporting women to achieve their health and fitness goals.