Hello beautiful, i'm Julienne!

I help female entrepreneurs live a life they are wildly in love with by BEcoming the women and leaders they are meant to be.

My purpose is to guide, empower and support women just like you to remember who you really are by peeling away the layers to reveal your higher self.

I believe in living life intuitively from soul. Meaning, listening and tuning into what our soul desires and requires. We all do this to some degree even if we are unaware of it. When we tell someone let me sleep on it, when we say I have or don’t have a good feeling about this. This is our intuition speaking to us. To quote one of my mentors “our soul always knows”.

I believe in living a life of flow and ease. Do you want your life to continually be a struggle? If you are like me this is a solid HELL NO! We all crave flow and ease in our lives, unless of course you enjoy remaining on the struggle bus, which I suspect you don’t or else you would not be reading this right now. ;-) When we are in flow E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. we do feels easy.

I believe in living life on your own terms. We are all MAGIC baby and much more powerful than we think. And as entrepreneurs or wannabepreneurs we are already taking the necessary steps, some small, some significant and some ginormous to live the life of our dreams, to live life on our terms. We are grateful to be able to support ourselves and our family by doing our purpose work. ‘Work’ that does not even feel like work, regardless if it is a side-hustle, full-time or part-time. We got this beautiful!

I believe in living life in the now. Being present in the present and not in the future or the past. For many of us it is great to have intentions and ambitions that we strive for in the future and to have a remembrance of the past. However, to move forward we cannot get stuck by solely day dreaming of the future or reminiscing of the past. The only way we can move the proverbial needle forward is by taking aligned action in the NOW!


Beautiful, I know you. You have always felt you were destined for more. You continually had that feeling growing up that you were born for more.


Somehow and someway you are going to be known by more people than solely your family and friends, and that the standard 9 to 5 life is just not your thing, because, right now, at this very moment, you desire more and your soul craves for more. She is waiting for you to LIVE THE LIFE you have envisioned in your mind for so many years.


So, you started to do things a little differently. You began to question the norms and your inner rebel was emerging more and more.

The thing is you do not always have the confidence to follow your inner rebel. You struggle with what you are supposed to do with what you want to do.

This constant pull of wanting to be the good girl and following what your inner circle and online mentors tell you you should be doing versus following what your soul desires causes you to remain stuck, to remain in your comfort zone which in turn creates a life of more stress and less high vibe. :-(

So, hear this, well in actuality read this, it does not need to be this way and you know this.


You and I are going to get along like two peas in a pod {yes, I like to use goofy puns} if you believe as I do that that we can always be a little more:



We can always be kinder. The kind-a-meter will never reach 100%. Smile or say hi to strangers, let the person behind you in line go before you, ask your significant other what you can do for them today or simply just surprise them. Most importantly, be more generous and considerate to yourself as you are most deserving of your kindness too.

Values (2).png


Be authentically YOU no masks required! Do not hold back because you fear people may not like you. You are NOT here for a popularity contest. Your tribe, your people will LOVE you for simply being unapologetically you, scars, warts, cellulite, good or bad hair day, wearing white after labour day {is this still a thing???}, etc. Embrace everything that makes you YOU!

Values (1).png


We are either disciplined or not. Period. For some of us being disciplined comes easy and for others, such as myself and I know for a lot of you too, it is a practice that we must finesse daily to keep us accountable to ourselves, family, friends, clients and of course our businesses. You want more freedom in your life, right? Well, being disciplined gives you just that. Mic drop!

Values (3).png


To step into our higher selves we need to be bolder. We must be more daring, brave, courageous, fearless and audacious despite how unprepared and not ready we may feel. The time is NOW beautiful to allow your boldness to shine and to share your purpose work with the world.

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I truly believe the more grateful we are the happier we are. The best reminder of being in gratitude is to write three to five things we are grateful for on a daily basis. The more we practice gratitude, the longer we remain in a state of gratitude which in turn leads us to focus more on the positive aspects in our lives.


A little bit more about Julienne


Hello again beautiful and please feel free to call me Julie or J.

I am born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, where I live and play and enjoy the downtown condo life with my husband Alfred and our golden-lab Drew.

We enjoy biking, frequenting restaurants and the occasional workout together. I prefer to workout at home, whereas, Alfred prefers to go to the gym.

We also enjoy watching the NFL and the NBA together, regarding the NBA more so the finals for me. As Alfred is from New Orleans, Louisiana, he is a HUGE Saints fan, hence why our dog is named Drew. ;-(

We also LOVE to travel and plan to move to Hawaii, the beautiful Island of Maui, where coincidentally we also got maui’d in 2011, which means married to the lei person…get it ‘lei’ not ‘lay’, told ya I love me some puns. ❤

As well, I have lived in Toronto {TO} for several years where I graduated from Ryerson University with a BComm and a minor in communications.

Although, I do miss living in TO at times, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to move back to Ottawa {relocation for work purposes} to be closer to my friends and family, plus, this is where I met my husband so it’s all good.


Currently, the majority of my time and focus is on growing my business; my life-long self-discovery journey, as I consistently say, self-development and self-discovery is not one and done, it is a continuous practice; and my purpose work helping women just like you to get unstuck and to reconnect, recognize and love the woman you are now and were born to be so you can live the best versions of yourself.


I totally understand how it feels to not be living in your purpose and to not be in alignment. It fing sucks!

You are so low vibe, pissed off at yourself for having to relive the same lessons over and over and over again and feeling helpless that this is just how your life is going to be so suck it up butter cup and just accept it. It is what it is.

It is a journey with many bumps, turns and forks in the road; a journey in which I am still traveling. I am grateful for all of the messiness as it has helped shape me into the woman I am today.

This is why I am sooo passionate about what I do and how I serve because YOU DESERVE MORE.


We are magic, we are resilient and we can overcome. It takes and requires inspired action to get unstuck, to have trust and faith in our decisions and to BE and live in alignment from soul.

You got this beautiful and I am here for you to guide, empower and support you.


I believe you can have everything you desire in life.

I believe life can be easy.

I believe your higher self always has the answers.


The world is your oyster beautiful! You have the power within to live your life or to LIVE YOUR LIFE . Have trust and faith in yourself and stay the course no matter how much you feel that what you desire will not come to fruition.


I want to help you become the woman and leader you are born to be by living a life intuitively from soul.

5 things you probably do not know about me:

  1. French fries are my favourite food…well basically all things potatoes other than boiled because they are so blah and boring and scalloped potatoes when drowned in white sauce.

  2. I was a figure skater for almost 10 years and even did synchronized skating for a few years on a local team called the Green Machine.

  3. I jumped out of airplanes a few times until my fourth or fifth jump when I had a toggle malfunction and hit the side of the hanger {this is the building where the parachutes are stored, thankfully it was made from aluminum siding, so it had some give. I was knocked out for a few seconds, then I understood why we wore helmets. I had no broken bones but had a cast on my right leg and left arm. Need-less-to-say I have not gone skydiving since. However, I would love to do a tandem jump one day because there is more free-falling time and I am not the one navigating. ;-)

  4. I wanted to take photography at university but was talked out of it by a faculty member and was redirected to take business instead. So, I did. :-(

  5. I am a certified Nitrox scuba diver. I absolutely love the ocean and all the pretty fishes and coral downstairs. I have dived in Hawaii, Florida and Bonaire. Since my husband does not dive we snorkel. ❤